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What does Savannah Mills do?

We perform commercial and residential renovations, restorations, kitchen remodels and design-build projects from the ground up.


Do I need to present a design and plan beforehand?

Absolutely not. Here at Savannah Mills, we’re designers and builders. We can help you throughout every step of the process from initial concept creation right through to final installation.


How does Savannah Mills provide estimates?

We use state-of-the-art project estimating software that enables us to produce highly accurate and cost competitive estimates for our clients. Our estimating software automatically deducts window openings, door openings and more to make sure you’re only charged for the materials we need to complete the project – no more, no less.


What if I want to get a visual of my renovation before building and installation?

We can do that! Savannah Mills uses a cutting edge program that lets us produce complete 3D renderings in real time. This means we can brainstorm, plan and work closely with you in the beginning stages, giving you full images of ideas and proposed layouts right from the get-go so you can actually see your renovation (and approve it) before construction begins.


Can you help me source products?

Yes! Savannah Mills is a distributing partner of Marchi Group kitchens and Dialma Brown lifestyle furniture and décor. Based in Italy, both companies are global leaders in their forward thinking approach, on-trend styles, innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.


Will I need to work with more than one company to complete my project?

No. Savannah Mills specializes in complete, turnkey, end-to-end design-build solutions. You can maintain just a single point of contact throughout the entire process. What’s the benefit? This allows you to simplify project management, stay organized and on-track, avoid miscommunications and costly errors, and enjoy a finished product that comes together beautifully by a team that’s been working closely with you from the very beginning.


Do you perform custom work?

Yes, absolutely. Savannah Mills is a unique, fully custom, boutique-style design-build company. We enjoy creating and building to suit the individual needs and preferences of our clients. No two projects are the same. Ever.

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